Thursday, 19 June 2014

THE Wedding Part 1

I'm so sorry this took so long but yes we're married!!

This are just the day time photos. Any brides looking to do their wedding in Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, here are some photos to give you a glimpse. We were just thankful that the weather was awesome! It was a tad bit hot but better than thunderstorms and showers! 

The wedding day was hectic! Everyone was excited and happy and bouncing and running around. It was a joy to watch everyone enjoy themselves! So here goes the photos! 

Photo below: My Awesome YSL tribute shoes! Super comfy! I stood whole day and my feet didn't hurt. Highly recommended to all ladies and bride to be!

Photo Below: Our Wedding Rings :)

Photo Below: My Lovely bouquet

Photo Below: Our tea ceremony set

Our wedding ceremony set up. Very romantic 

Photo Below: Our beautiful bridesmaids and groomsmen looking out at the yacht

Photo Below: Decked in pink and white

Here comes the bride! Arriving in style, I made my grand entrance through a yacht. Awesome or what!

Dropped from the yacht. The winds are strong! Look at my veil. Gave that romantic MTV effect

Photo Below: Dad passed me to the husband (oohh husband already!)

 Photo Below: Our unity candle 

 Photo Below: Our wedding entourage

  And so the set up photos are below! 

Our stage backdrop. Looks exactly like our wedding invitation, our fan and place cards

Part 2 coming up! For the photos at night! 
*Happily married!

Monday, 3 February 2014

wedding accessories

A lot of small detail is important in a wedding and we spent one whole day getting necessary items.
1st stop: Aisle runner
I cannot take red carpet especially when done outdoor! I have gone online and searched and I love personalised runner. To have our name and date of wedding printed it's so personal. And so I searched and a lot is available in America. I can order but it will take time and I am worried it will not make it in time for the wedding
This are some of the photos I found online


And so the search began. Went to a few places and gone online to search as well a finally found it!! It may not be customised but the wordings are very meaningful. It's really pretty. Here it is!

2nd stop: Flower girl basket
Alright, now that runner is settled, we collected our flower girl basket! We have two flowergirls, one is my sister Faith who will hold the basket and throw the flower petals on the floor. The other little girl is a very very pretty and cute little girl and she is only 1 year 5 months so she will be holding a posy
3rd stop: Ring pillow

Below is my ring pillow which follows the theme of pink and white. Our wedding ring will be held by our super cute ring bearer and walk down the aisle.

4th stop: Guest Book and Ang Bao Box

Lastly, our guest book and ang bao box that we've customised as well. It's by the sea plus we want it to stand out so it's pin and white and here it is:

Our details are slowly falling in place and we are so excited! We are sending over our invitations card and that will be next post!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Not your typical walk - in

Hello! Its been AGESSSSS since I last updated! This blog has so much spiderweb and crickets sound. Been too busy with work and of course getting organised! But 2 months to go! With that we went to ROM (Registry of Marriage) and registered our wedding date. It's the first important step!

Ok so now what are the updates, well if you've seen weddings in youtube or attended one, when the newlyweds are being introduced, they usually just enter, walk in and head to the table. Well, it's sooo cliche and predictable
So the fiance and I came up with an idea. My family loves dancing! Dancing is something all of us love doing together. 

Ok to explain better, this is youtube videos that we took reference from. It's fun and of course so me and my fiance! Just click on the link below!

Been having dance practice every wednesday and the progress is not bad! 
Want to thank all the bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man and groomsmen who gave time every wednesday
We are all not dancers yet they put in effort in learning the steps no matter how difficult they are. 

So I shall leave with this first. Update again!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Meet up with RSYC team

The reason why we met up with the team is because I AM NOT HAPPYYYYYY. Grrrrrr

As I am doing the wedding outdoor, I've always fancied outdoor weddings with tall flowers arrangements with small flowers and candles. Gives that very intimate feel compared to a hotel. Like photo below!

So I asked the following and the ones on RED is their reply through email conversation:
-Long Tables instead of round: NO. Not possible. Not enough space

-No chinese food served in the middle because then no flowers can be placed in the table so I requested for individually plated served food. Which of course will make the cost higher but we're ok with it as long as the cost isn't too big of a difference: NO. As its outdoor, the kitchen is too far food will be cold by the time it reaches the table. Need to hire more manpower. 

-As my guests are coming from overseas, no chinese food like chilli crab.: NO not possible because they only want to serve chinese food to be placed in the middle unless its individually served then can be customised.

-I will need to bring in alcohol, and lots of them as we have drinkers on our guest list. Are they able to waive corkage?: NO. 

So you see, their response isn't so pleasing and Shawn and I were getting frustrated. It's like a dead end and so I became a bridezilla

To 'appease' us, my main coordinator arranged a meeting with the wedding coordinator herself, the banquet manager and the executive chef! *haha felt like VIP for the whole team to meet us on Sunday!*

So we sat down and I told them my frustrations and I am glad to say they have given us solutions

We will have to stick to round tables still because the marquee would have to expand, and in Singapore, a small marquee is already $4000 . Mine is already way beyond that amount, so, fine we stuck to round tables BUT! my food will be individually served and it's not totally Chinese menu.

Sadly though, I cannot do the floral decoration as elaborate as the photo. But still at least I can keep my flowers and candles on the table. (A Chinese wedding where the food is served in the middle, the flowers will be removed before the first dish is served. So no point doing elaborating flowers)

After talking to the chef, he said it'll be good to do a fusion of Chinese and western food, to introduce Chinese food to my western friends or non local guests and still have western food to have something they are familiar with

Have negotiated corkage as well. Learned from how my boss negotiates for corkage waiver. I am so glad I am learning all her skills!

So all in all, the meeting was a success! Favour to our side. So yeah, 5 more months to go!!

Next thing we need to do, sort out guest list and lodging for our overseas guests! Here we go

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Yes my save the dates cards are done! I have officially emailed them to my guests overseas so that they can start booking their flights and tickets.

That's one of the tedious process in working the guest list cos I have to find out who will come, who do we need to sponsor and plan their lodging too. But as tedious as it sounds, I really do hope they all come! 

I've sent a save the date via email. For the local guests, guests here in singapore, I will print and mail it to my guest.

so yeah here is my visual design! When printed it won't be this square shape. It's a fancy shape that looks pretty. Too bad only guests here in singapore can see it. 

Alright here goes:

Monday, 5 August 2013


Due to busy schedules I have neglected this blog! Need to revive it!

Just as the title says, i'm gonna be talking, bragging and advertising for my florists. Her name is Regina from Regina Mae Fleurs Atelier. She is good and patient cos at the beginning I know what I like but eventually kept changing my mind! 

Below are some of her past works. Recent ones are the weddings she did for my company as well.

Ok so she sent me a proposal of how the concept would be like. Please ignore colors, we are definitely sticking to pink and white!

 Above: Details details! Very important. She's spot on on mine!

Solemnisation has 3 different proposals. 

First one below: Traditional
 2nd look for solemnisation below:
The Roman Pots

 Look 3:
The tall balls (I'm kinda leaning to this)

I like look 2 and 3. Maybe we can combine them? I'll ask her and see if she can come up with something. She's the creative one here!

Now for the stage backdrop! She proposed a floral wall. Which I find unique. Its pretty too. Different from cliche backdrop.  

Below: Different types of floral wall

 Reception Table and Solemnisation table. Big flowers! 

 For the reception table she will put a wishing tree. To hang my fiance's photo and myself. I don't know should I use it as a guest book where guest hang their well wishes. But very hard to consolidate later compared to a proper guest book.
Below: Wishing tree!

 For the guests table! Simple but pretty flower arrangements below!
This is because the food isn't portioned out. Wanted to do individual plating but cos its outdoor the place don't advise it. So hence, small flower arrangements

 And finally! The VIP tables! We are having 2! Big tall pretty flowers!

Alright that's it I guess! I shall update if there is any changes!